Report of Devotees Spiritual Retreat 2018

Devotees Spiritual Retreat, 2018

Retreat for devotees was held from 04 to 06 may 2018. This year, 462 devotees from different parts of Tamilnadu participated. The retreat included meditation, bhajans, group discussions, and spiritual talks by Swami Ragaveshananda, Swami Atmaghanananda, Swami Yogirajananda, Swami Ekagratananda and monastic members of vidyalaya, The other highlights were a quiz programme conducted by Swami Nirmaleshananda; a musical discourse by Swami Harivratananda and troupe; and a cultural performance by students of vidyalaya.


Click below link for videos:

Swami Garishthananda

Swami Ragaveshananda

Swami Atmaghanananda

Swami Yogirajananda

Swami Ekagratananda

Swami Nirmaleshananda

Swami Tatprabhananda

Swami Harivratananda Bhajans

Swami Harivratananda_Katha Kaala Semam

Swami Alokeshananda Bhajans