July 11, 2018

Donation via NEFT/ RTGS/ Bank Transfer

You may remit the amount to our Bank account directly :
Due to certain circumstances we can not disclose the Bank details here.
Call us at +91 9944941427 to get Bank Details or
write at [email protected] or
use Online donation option mentioned below

Please do not forget to mention the following in the covering letter or by email at [email protected]
(a) Your full name, full postal address and email address (if any).
(b) Your citizenship.
(c) Your PAN, if any, (for Indian donors).
(d) Purpose of the donation.

To Donate  Using  Debit Cards/Credit Cards/Money-wallet (Sercive Charge extra) ➤ Click here 

To Donate Using  SBI Website (No Service charge)Click here