November 4, 2016

Maruthi College of Physical Education


_MG_7288The Maruthi College of Physical Education (MCPE) is one of the institutions in the Vidyalaya which was started in the year 1956. This institution has been named after the great Ramayana hero, Mahavir, also called Maruthi or Hanuman. Faith and devotion are essential factors in the development of strength in any individual. Personal purity and devotion to a great cause are the necessary requisites for a healthy living. Maruthi, who personified in himself these great qualities, has stood as the ideal of manhood to millions of men in our country. And so it is only fitting that this institution is named after him.

Courses Offered
1. Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed. – Full Time)
2. Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed. – Full Time)
3. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil. – Full Time)
4. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. – Part Time)

The duration of the program shall be two academic years with four semesters under the Choice Based Credit System.  The semesters shall be from July to November and December to April for each academic year.

Course of Study
The total working days shall not be less than 200 working days in an academic year (Each Semester consists of not less than 100 working days excluding examination days).  Each working day shall consist of 4 hours of Practical Work (Morning and Evening 2 hours each session) and 3 hours of theory in between.