Residential Youth Camp

A two days’ residential youth camp was conducted on 6th & 7th of May for our Diploma students in our Brahmananda Hostel Premises.  A band of 51 students including hostellers and day scholars and 4 of the hostel supervisors actively participated in the program. The participants were engaged in day long programmes well panned and organized by the team of monks and volunteer Annas.

Apart from value based games and prayer sessions the students were very much attracted by the Exhibitions on Freedom Struggle and the Life and Teachings of Holy Trio which was followed by group discussions with our college professors on the theme.The participants were formed into 4 groups with a monk leading each group and were made to read and discuss selected portions from the Book “Awakening India” in which the students actively participated and was observed to be a most interesting session.

Two sessions were held to inculcate values and social awareness through thematic motivational videos.Talks by monks and field experts made the programme colourful.

The recently released video on Belur Math “Blooming Lotus of Humanity “was screened to the participants. The camp concluded with a feedback session in which a questionnaire was issued to students to record their experiences, expectations and interests.

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