State Level Workshop on Kalari Adimurai

The State Level Workshop on ‘Kalari Adimurai’ was conducted by Department of Physical Education, SRMV College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore and World Federation of Kalari Adimurai, USA, jointly organised by on 10th February 2023 at GKD Auditorium. Nearly 260 participants from various institutions actively participated in the workshop. The programme was started with prayer song by II year B.Sc Physical Education students. Dr.A.V. Ramani, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science, delivered welcome address. Swami Nirmaleshananda Maharaj, Secretary, SRMV College of Arts and Science, delivered inaugural address and also highlighted the importance of self-discipline, self-confidence and Kalari Payattu. Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar, Director of Physical Education, SRMVCAS, explained the theme of the workshop and its significance. Dr. G. Balasundar, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Physical Education delivered vote of thanks.

Session – I
Dr.P.SenthilRajkumar, CEO, World Federation of Kalari Adimurai, took over the session on “History and Opportunities of Kalari Adimurai”. He talked about the origin and learning methods of Kalari Adimurai. He also threw the lights on the scope and various opportunities throughout the world for the learners of Kalari. He also conducted demonstration of Kalari Adimurai with the trained professionals.

Session – II
Dr.S. Thirumalai Kumar, Professor, Department of Physical Education, Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, delivered his views on “Research Outputs and Outcomes in Kalaripayattu”.He insisted the values of the virtues such as self-discipline, self-respect and self-confidence. He explained the need of learning KalariAdimurai, which is highly useful to protect oneself from endangerment. He also talked about Unniyarcha, a legendary warrior from Kerala and motivated the women to learn Kalari Adimurai to protect themselves.

Session – III
Varmayogi Dr. N. Shanmugom, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Tamil, delivered a lecture on Kalari- Ankle Sprain Management. He explained the importance of self-care and treatment protocol to maintain mental and physical health.He pointed out many Varma points to the physical education students to protect themselves from injuries and he also gave adequate knowledge on treating sports injuries. He motivated the participants to practice KalariAdmurai with utmost care and also explained about the medicinal benefits of Varma through stimulating the Varmam points. He shared the importance of Varma and talked about the scope and opportunities of Varma in various disciplines like Ayuveda, Siddha, Yoga and Martial Arts.

Session – IV
Mr. M. Surendran and Mr. S. Sureshmani, Director, Training and Development, World Federation of Kalari Adimurai highlighted the different Kalari positions and also conducted demonstration on Kalari Adimurai. They practically explained the different Kalari Adimurai techniques and methods along with the team members. They trained the participants to practice Kalari Adimurai during the session. The participants interesting participated and learned Kalari Adimurai practically.

Valedictory Function
Valedictory function started with prayer song by II year B.Sc Physical Education students. Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar, Directory of Physical Education, SRMV CAS, welcomed the gathering and delivered the report of the workshop. The participants from different institution shared their feedback and suggestions about the workshop. Dr. Ramesh Rathinakumar, Founder, World Federation of KalariAdimurai, USA, delivered felicitation address through zoom meeting. Swami Anapekshananda Maharaj, In-charge, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Unaided Wing, blessed the participants and launched International Journal of Ancient Martial Arts. Swamiji presented memento to the Resource persons and distributed the certificates to the participants. Dr. G. Balasundar, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Physical Education delivered the Vote of thanks. The State Level Workshop on “KalariAdimurai” ended with National Anthem.
Outcome of the Workshop
The Department of Physical Education is plan to start add-on course in Kalari. Participants requested the convener to conduct one-week residential program for KalariAdimurai (Certificate Course) during feedback session. It is informed that all the participants who participated in the workshop benefited.