December 12, 2016

Guru Puja – The Annual Celebration of Vidyalaya

The Public Celebration of the Birthday of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna.

Gurupuja was celebrated on 06 January 2019 with the usual festivities. Swami Sarvarupananda, Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi Presided over the Flag Hoisting ceremony in the morning. Dr. G.P. Godhana Gandhi, Former-Registrar, Tamilnadu Dr.Ambethkar Law University, Chennai, Inaugurated the Cultural and Educational Exhibition and delivered the special Address. At a public meeting Swami Sarvarupananda delivered Presidential Speech on the topic “Sri Ramakrishna ” and Mr. T. Ramalingam, Advocate, Ramalingam Associates, Chennai, Spoke on the topic ‘Anaitthum Unakkul’.Earlier that day, Sengottai Sri S.K.S Harihara Subramaniam and party rendered Nama Sankeerthanam, which was followed by a cultural program presented by students of the variour institutions of vidyalaya. The day-long event concluded with a Carnatic music concert by ‘Tamil Isai Peroli’ Mahanadhi Dr. Shobana Vignesh & Party, Chennai. Around 36,000 visitors partook noon Prasad at the Annadanam Pandal.

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