November 4, 2016

Gandhi Teacher Training Institute

Establishment: 1942
Student Strength: 80 (only boys)
Courses Offered: Diploma in Teacher Education
Duration: Two years
Qualification: +2 (HSC)
Medium of Instruction: Tamil
Hostel Facilities: Fully Residential
Telephone: (0422) 269 7060
Email: [email protected]


  • Periodically organising Personality Development Course for Tribal Students. (Longitudinal).
  • Ten days cub masters ( scout masters for the primary level ) training for all students.
  • Developing values through special retreat, common prayers and other curriculum instruction.
  • To promote national harmony celebration of regional/national festivals.
  • To imbibe positive mental attitude to all students in the practice teaching schools through cultural activities.
  • Our students will train minor games for the students studying in schools where they are undergoing teaching practice.
  • Special coaching for the slow learners.
  • Summer residential personality camp will be conducted for 5 days, for the secondary level students.
  • Organising inservice courses for teachers on various topics like value based education, classroom management, promoting students with special needs.
  • Our Institute is a recognised study centre for Tamil Nadu Open University’s Pre – Primary Teacher Training Course.

Apart from academics the institute has been actively participating in many cultural competitions and won accolades. Every year two or three historical or mythological dramas are scripted and staged by the students. These have become very popular with the local people, besides helping these future teachers in their personality development, organizing abilities and building self-confidence.


  • Duration of the course: The duration of the course is two academic years with 220 working days in a year
  • Eligibility of Admission: The eligibility for admission to the course is a pass in higher secondary or any equivalent examination conforming to the norms set by NCTE / State Government if any.
  • Bridge Course: To equip different group of student teachers with balanced content competency in all the subjects taught in elementary schools, a bridge course will be conducted for 10 days based on the needs on each group.
  • Evaluation: There will be internal assessment and external examination in each year.  The external examination will be conducted by the Director of government examination.
  • Practical Examination: A board of practical examiners will be constituted by the DTERT for each TTI separately.  Each board comprises one chair person and two members.
  • Internship: Each student teacher will have an intensive practice / cum / observation in an identified school for  a period of 40 days each year. In the first year the internship will relate to standards 1 to 5 and in the second year to standards 6 to 8. Internship skill be preceded by 5 days of training in micro-teaching skill in the TTI’s in the first year only.

Academic Subjects:
I year

  1. Challenges in Indian Education
  2. Educational Psychology
  3. Educational Management

II year

  1. Language Education – Tamil
  2. Language Education – English
  3. Mathematics Education
  4. Science Education
  5. Social Science Education
  6. Educational Technology
  7. Physical Education, Yoga and Health Education
  8. Art Education and Work Experience

Additional Certificate Courses:

  1. Spoken English (60 Hours): Spoken English basic course is to make learners independent interactive and communicative in a day-to-day situations and functions and develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated way though a little more emphasis to the spoken aspect of the language.
    A Compulsory course on Spoken English has been given for all the students of the institution. The classes will be held daily after the class hours.
  2. Yoga Classes: Yoga is a science of mind and soul.  Yoga links the body with mind, mind with athma and finally athma with the paramatma the universe. It is the treasure of our Yogis and Rishis.  Yoga is suitable for all people, from young age to old age, from family men to sadhus.  Rather the most of it are for social wellbeing and mental peace in the normal life of the man. So every one has to know of it, has to practice it.
    So as to have a balanced, awakened mind for the academic achievement, as well as, to have a yoga class for all the students for a minimum half an hour daily.
  3. Special Education: Special Education is given to the students to promote integrated education for visually disabled children in the normal class room environment along with the normal children.
  4. Computer and Internet Training: Latest technology and its development will be very useful for the teaching and learning activities. Usage of computers is now-a-days is very essential. In tune with such developments, a certificate course on “Computer and Internet Training” is offered for the students to equip their knowledge in the field of computer and use the Technology to teach the school subjects.
  5. Cub masters Training Centre: Cub masters training will be given for all students.  Course Duration is 10 days including one day Hike trip for the students. Certificate will be issued by Tamil Nadu Bharat Scouts and Guides


  • The institute is recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education.
  • Certificate Courses in Special Education, Yoga, Spoken English and use of Computers and the Internet are conducted.
  • It is a nodal center of Tamil Nadu Open University for training pre-primary teachers (weekend courses).
  • Students are trained to conduct personality-development and value-education programmes in schools to which they go for teaching practice.